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Create impactful and lasting collaborations with influencers

Create a free campaign

Take 5 minutes to create and post a campaign and start recruting influencers for impactful and lasting collaborations now.

Invite influencers

Notify selected influencers of your campaign and invite anyone you would like to participate and collaborate with your brand.

Compare influencers

Compare influencers on multiple levels to see which profiles create the best match for your brand and campaign goals.

On your terms

You decide the terms and conditions of your campaigns, and can expect all our influencers to be professional and follow your guidelines.


Build a squad of your favorite influencers

Assemble a list of your favorite and trusted influencers for future campaigns
Invite influencers you’ve previously collaborated with to Influencio
Create a community for you and your favorite influencers and share SoMe insights

Create your own content cloud

Influencio organizes all of the content created by your influencers in a cloud-available storage system, which you can use to approve content before being posted, share with your team, and download for your own use.

Review content and captions made by your influencers to align goals and ensure quality
Download influencer generated content for reposts on your own SoMe channels

Measure performance with data-driven reporting

Influencio keeps track of all the metrics needed to measure the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Keep track of each influencer and measure the performance of all campaign-related content
Measure all important insights including reach, impressions, engagement rates, likes and comments
Influencio will identify your top-performing influencers, allowing you to re-hire them

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