Influencio | Cookies

Influencio stores minor files in your browser known as cookies. This means that we are able to store information about your actions on our platform, and utilize this to optimize the experience of visiting Influencio moving forward.

We store information on how to navigate on Influencio through Google Analytics. Google Analytics stores information about:

The pages you spend time on at Influencio How long you spend on each page How you ended up at Influencio

We do not, in any way, store personal information when using Google Analytics. Thus, we cannot in any way identify on the basis of the stored data, that this is your information.

Google Analytics DOES NOT share or forward stored data.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can block them. See instructions here However, while we do our very best to ensure a seamless experience on the platform, we cannot guarantee that all features on will function properly.